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This Iconiq course will introduce the diversity of Indian food to your child. The contents are ideally suited for ages 7-13, is in English, and is accessible to children all around the world, especially those with an Indian connection. 

Older children can take the course by themselves, while younger children will need the support of a Curious Adult (typically a parent).

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  • What kind of activities are included?

    Some of the activities are quizzes, expressions in writing and other mediums, open-ended questions, and prompts for observation and discussions. These will help you engage with the topics in different, uncomplicated ways.

  • How long will this take?

    This course is designed for you to pick a pace that suits you. Some may do this over a weekend, while some may do this over 4 weeks. In all, the course contains about 6-8 hours of engagement.

  • Do I need to arrange for anything else?

    Nothing out of the ordinary. Some activities may call for the use of pen and paper, or to look at some household artifacts. If you don't have them, visit a friend's house or look them up online!

  • How much support will a child need from an adult?

    Young children will need the help of a Curious Adult (a parent or relative, an older sibling, a friend etc.) to consume the material and do some of the activities. Some activities are designed to prompt conversation within a family. We encourage you to use this material to have these interesting discussions!

  • Is this only for children from India?

    The course is designed to be accessible to children from around the world, especially if they have an Indian connection. Most people who take this course are located outside India. The course is in English. We encourage Curious Adults to bring their perspective to their children as they navigate the course.

Course Creators

This course is created by Choose To Thinq. We have decades of experience in using quizzes, storytelling, reading and learning methods to help people of all ages grow and engage with the world. Iconiq India helps children get closer to India in meaningful and memorable ways.
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